Computer Magic


Labor Day Sale: Million Years / Everest Split 7”


Today the Million Years / Everest Split 7” is only $7.99! Happy Labor Day. Pick it up at the Computer Magic store.

Strobe / Running


Running' - one of the first songs I ever wrote as Computer Magic -  is featured in a new ad campaign for Lexus entitled “Strobe”, featuring LED stuntmen. Check it out here.

All I Ever Wanted

New video for “All I Ever Wanted” off the Extra Stuff EP, available to buy on iTunes + vinyl/cassette.

QP Commercial in Japan

Just composed a song for QP, it airs in Japan! Listen below.

Extra Stuff EP // 180 gram vinyl + colored cassettes pre-order


The Extra Stuff EP limited edition vinyls + cassettes are now available to pre-order via Kill/Hurt.



1. Time and Reason

2. It Makes No Difference

3. I’m The Pro

4. Time to Decide

5. Summer Vacation

6. Living For A Second Day

7. All I Ever Wanted

Below bonus tracks available on colored cassettes:

A Confession [available on CLEAR version]

Give Me Just a Minute Demo [available on ORANGE version]


Messier 18 Mix


Messier 18 Mix


Gina X Performance - Nice Mover

Karat - Der Blaue Planet

Can - Vitamin C

Neu! - Hallogallo

Krisma (Chrisma) - Black Silk Stocking 

Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak

Carly Simon - Why (12” Vocal)

Loose Joints - Tell You (Today)

Kas Product - Underground Movie / End


[Click here for earlier Messier 17 Mix.]

"Dreaming (Sun Ra Cover)"

Hey, just did a cover of Sun Ra’s “Dreaming”. Yo La Tengo did a cover of this song as well that’s one of my favorite covers of all time. Anyway, hope you like it. Download it for free on Soundcloud.

Here’s a video I also made to go along with it: