Computer Magic


My Love

New song “My Love” available for free until it goes up on iTunes. Produced by me (Danz). This won’t be on the full length album (at least, I don’t think so), but it’s something in the meantime whilst you wait for it.  (I know it’s taking foreverrrrrr).

Labor Day Sale: Million Years / Everest Split 7”


Today the Million Years / Everest Split 7” is only $7.99! Happy Labor Day. Pick it up at the Computer Magic store.

Strobe / Running


Running' - one of the first songs I ever wrote as Computer Magic -  is featured in a new ad campaign for Lexus entitled “Strobe”, featuring LED stuntmen. Check it out here.

All I Ever Wanted

New video for “All I Ever Wanted” off the Extra Stuff EP, available to buy on iTunes + vinyl/cassette.

QP Commercial in Japan

Just composed a song for QP, it airs in Japan! Listen below.

Extra Stuff EP // 180 gram vinyl + colored cassettes pre-order


The Extra Stuff EP limited edition vinyls + cassettes are now available to pre-order via Kill/Hurt.



1. Time and Reason

2. It Makes No Difference

3. I’m The Pro

4. Time to Decide

5. Summer Vacation

6. Living For A Second Day

7. All I Ever Wanted

Below bonus tracks available on colored cassettes:

A Confession [available on CLEAR version]

Give Me Just a Minute Demo [available on ORANGE version]


Messier 18 Mix


Messier 18 Mix


Gina X Performance - Nice Mover

Karat - Der Blaue Planet

Can - Vitamin C

Neu! - Hallogallo

Krisma (Chrisma) - Black Silk Stocking 

Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak

Carly Simon - Why (12” Vocal)

Loose Joints - Tell You (Today)

Kas Product - Underground Movie / End


[Click here for earlier Messier 17 Mix.]